Amanda Peet, Wife Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ Co-Creator, Says She Stands By The Finale

Amanda Peet is standing by her man. The actress, who is married to Game of Thrones co-creator David Benioff, said that she “loved” the show’s finale, and she stands by that opinion. In an interview on Watch What Happens Live, Peet was asked what she thought of the show’s final episode.

“I have to ask you as your husband is the co-creator, what did you think of the finale? It got so much crap, but what did you think?” host Andy Cohen asked.

Peet pointed out Benioff, who was just off-screen during the virtual interview, and then went on to defend his work.

“I had read it, and I loved it when I read it, and I continue to stand by it. I just feel like maybe some people couldn’t — didn’t want to say goodbye, I don’t know. Look, maybe I’m just too close to it. But I didn’t understand the blowback. For God’s sake, people, it’s a television show!” Peet said.

Peet and Benioff have been married since 2006, years before he began work on Thrones. When the show’s eighth season aired last year, it was met with a mixed response from fans, many who found the show’s series finale to be disappointing. In spite of that lukewarm response, the show went on to score more Emmy nominations than any program in history.

Peet isn’t the first person connected to the show to come to its defense. In the year since the finale aired, various members of the show’s cast have also been prepared to defend the show’s final season.

In an interview with Esquire, Kit Harington, who played Jon Snow on the show, said that whatever critics think of the show, they can “go f**k themselves” as far as he’s concerned. Harington continued by pointing out that the show’s cast and crew had worked hard to make the show an enormous success for years.

He said that he knew how much time and energy had been put into the show, and how much pressure everyone involved felt to get it right. He said that all of those people cared about the characters and the story, and if people felt let down by it, that was ultimately their problem.

Harington’s co-star, Emilia Clarke, was a little more willing to hear out the show’s critics. In an interview with The Sunday Times published in March, she said that the show’s plot could have used more character development. Toward the end of the series, Clarke felt that a lot of the show was consumed by too much spectacle.