Anna Duggar Claps Back After Being Compared To Mother-In-Law Michelle

Anna Duggar and her famous husband, Josh Duggar, have grown their little family to a total of six kids now. There may be more children in their future, but one Instagram follower thinks that the former reality star will be following in her mother-in-law’s footsteps by having 20 kids. That comment gave Anna the perfect opportunity to share how she feels about that.

Anna recently posted an update showing how she celebrated her birthday, which was on June 23, along with a few photos with her family. That prompted plenty of birthday wishes from fans for the Duggar daughter-in-law. However, there was one statement that grabbed Anna’s attention. One person wrote that it looks like she will end up having 20 kids just like Josh’s mother, Michelle Duggar. It’s likely that the 20th child they were referring to was baby Jubilee, who Jim Bob and Michelle lost shortly after birth. Anna quickly clapped back with a perfect response after reading that comment.

“Well, since my babies tend to be 2+ years apart, that would put me having babies in my 60’s. I don’t think that will happen. I’m loving the 6 littles God has given us!” she said in her caption.

Anna certainly didn’t say that there wouldn’t be any more babies at all, just that it’s extremely doubtful that she would get up to 20 kids like Jim Bob and Michelle.

Anna’s Instagram caption may have prompted some suspicions on more babies in her future. After spilling some details about how special her day was spending time with her family, she indicated that she and Josh had a birthday dinner together. Her birthday was actually the 12-year anniversary of the couple’s engagement as well. She ended the statement by saying that they were excited by “the things in store for our family in the near future.” Some fans may have interpreted that as meaning they were growing their family even more.

The set of four photos that went along with the post included the two shots of time spent with a few Duggar girls having lunch and going out shopping for plants. The other two included Josh. One snap had Anna holding their youngest child, 6-month-old Maryella, up in the air with her husband behind her as they stood in a field. It looked like they were embracing spending time with their baby girl.

The final picture was a family portrait with the couple and all six of their kids color-coordinated in blue.

Earlier this month, Anna shared a sweet photo on Instagram of her youngest sitting in the sunlight with a huge smile on her face. She was all decked out in a summer dress and bonnet.

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