Steve Harvey Guest Claims Popeyes Chicken Gives Her Orgasms [Video]

Things got spicy when a Steve Harvey guest disclosed an unusual food fetish that supposedly brings her to sexual climax.

A very personable woman by the name of Christina told Steve Harvey and his panel during a recent TV taping that food — especially her all-time favorite, Popeyes fried chicken — really, really excites her.

In a preview clip (see below), Christina painted a vivid word picture of the connection between Popeyes Chicken and sex:

“When I get into the bedroom, then I start thinking of my favorite food of all time, which is Popeyes Chicken. Let me explain. It gets me so excited that I take that and put that in the special place in my mind. If he’s not doing what he’s supposed to in there, I start thinking, ‘Popeyes spicy, Popeyes spicy, Popeyes spicy,’ and it just gets me to where I need to be.”

Steve Harvey himself seemed pretty excited too as Christina told her story. This particular episode of the Steve Harvey Show is called “Is it Weird?”

Christina then asked what appears to be a rhetorical question that directly ties in to the subject matter of the episode: “Is it weird that just the thought of Popeyes spicy chicken gets me to climax?”

The FoodBeast website had this to say about Christina and her Popeyes Chicken-induced orgasm:

“In any case, the interview snippet is mostly harmless, unless you’re like Christina and the merest thought of food gets you all hot and bothered, like when she starts chanting ‘Popeye Spicy’ to herself and suddenly you’re imagining peeling away those delicious strips of skin and letting the chicken juices just swirl around your mouth… Ahem.”

Founded in 1972, Popeyes Louisiana-style fried chicken now has more than 2,000 restaurants around the country.

For many, fried chicken is a guilty “pleasure.” That being said, are you a fan of Popeyes Chicken and if so, has it ever made you very excited?