Gisele Bundchen Goes Casual In An Open-Front Top & Denim Shorts: ‘Lunch Is Ready!’

Gisele Bundchen is still finding time to make lunch. In a new Instagram post, the model posed in front of a number of plates in an open-front top and denim shorts. Bundchen’s white top was tied in a large knot around her belly button, giving fans a hint of cleavage and exposing her blue bra underneath.

Her denim shorts appeared to be high-rise, were a light wash, and seemed to fit loosely on her. Bundchen is posed casually for the photo, with her arms held out to her sides and a knife in one hand. Her hair was in a loose bun, which she referenced in the caption for the post.

Although it’s hard to say for sure what she’s made for lunch, the model appeared to be standing in front of an array of vegetables, lettuce wraps, rice, beans, and two bowls. Behind her is an impressive kitchen she shares with husband Tom Brady and their three children.

The model had dangling earrings for the photo, and she also appeared to be wearing some light makeup including foundation, blush, and pink lipstick.

In the three hours since the photo was posted, Bundchen’s 16 million followers have already flooded the post with millions of likes. The post has also received more than 4,100 comments already, including from followers who are eager to invite themselves over for lunch.

“I’m coming over… @gisele,” one user wrote.

“Go team Rice & Beans,” another commenter added.

Other followers were more interested in commenting on the model’s appearance, whether it was to assure her that her hair looked great or to remark on her beauty in more general terms.

“You look beautiful anyway,” a third commenter added.

“Aww you look so cute,” another user commented.

Gisele’s most recent post highlighted the healthy diet she tries to keep her family on, but her last post was all about her husband. On Father’s Day, she went out of her way to thank Tom Brady for always being by her side and nourishing their family. She also thanked him for loving them the way he does and for always making sure they’re safe.

To accompany the image, Bundchen shared a photo of the entire family, including their three kids, on the beach. In the photo, Brady is wearing a white collared shirt and green shorts, while Bundchen is rocking a tight-fitting yellow top. The two are touching heads in the photo, which can be seen here.