Britney Spears Flaunts Abs In Low-Rise Shorts & Shows Billie Eilish Some Love

Britney Spears gave her fans a mini fashion show in the Instagram video that she uploaded to her account on Monday. The 38-year-old pop sensation did a lot of walking back and forth in two different pairs of daringly low shorts as she modeled an array of belly-baring tops.

Britney chose a soundtrack for her solo runway show. The “…Baby One More Time” hitmaker paid homage to another popular female singer who found success at a young age by setting her video to the Billie Eilish song “You Should See Me in a Crown.” Britney previously featured one of the 18-year-old musician’s songs in a dance video. She blasted the song “Bad Guy” as she flung a stuffed snake around in a tribute to her iconic “I’m A Slave 4 U” performance at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards.

Britney’s latest video also included a little dancing, but it mostly showed the pop star strutting across the screen over and over again. The outfit that she wore at the beginning of the video included a pair of low-rise khaki shorts. The tiny bottoms sat down so low on her hips that they partially exposed the two tattoos located on her lower abdomen right above both leg creases. She paired the shorts with a cropped off-the-shoulder top. The garment was yellow with a white polka-dot print, and it had short, puffy sleeves.

Britney also modeled a white crop top with a wide, square neck and a blue-and-white gingham crop top with a flirty tie detail on the neck. She appeared to wear a pair of darker khaki shorts with the latter blouse. All of Britney’s outfits showcased her chiseled abs and strong, toned legs.

Britney wore the same tan high-heeled sandals with all of her outfits, and she accessorized her looks with her signature black choker. She also wore a white puka shell necklace with most of her summery ensembles.

Britney wore her hair up in some shots and down in others. A glittering silver crown also made an appearance on top of her head when she was wearing the gingham top. At one point, the singer opened her mouth to reveal that her tongue was blue. Near the end of the video, she gave the camera a flirty spin, gyrating her hips as she did so.

Britney’s video has racked up more than 200,000 likes and 20,000 comments since it was initially uploaded.

“Queen of fashion,” wrote model Kindly Myers.

“CEO of walking back and forth,” quipped another fan.

Some of Britney’s followers also noted that she seems rather fond of her khaki low-rose shorts.

“My khaki queen,” wrote one fan.

“I wish a man would love me as much as Britney loves those shorts,” another commenter joked.

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