‘Jane Got A Gun’ Adds Final Cast Member, Noah Emmerich

By now the production of Jane Got A Gun was supposed to be underway, but as their fortune would have it they lost their director Lynn Shelton, and a few members of their cast in a few weeks time. After new director Gavin O’Conner had the unpleasant task of searching for quick recruits, he managed to lock Bradley Cooper in as the villain. The last missing piece was to find Natalie Portman’s husband in the film. Originally Michael Fassbender had the role of Portman’s former lover, but then he decided to drop out, which also lead to Joel Edgerton dropping out as the gang leader.

Then Jude Law was recruited to play the gang leader but dropped out after Ramsay departed the production over lack of communication. With all of the shuffling around it seemed like this film would never get made, even with a new director. It just had too much weighing it down in pre-production. However, lucky for Gavin O’Conner we now have one of the most pivotal roles of all — the husband.

Noah Emmerich, breakout star of The Americans is finally set to play Portman’s husband, which means production will probably start soon or immediately seeing as they’re already behind schedule at this point. Emmerich’s role is important to the film, as he plays the outlaw husband who gets in trouble with the gang leader, which starts the ball rolling for the whole film.

This isn’t the only time we’ve seen Emmerich and Portman work together. They both had terrific performances in Beautiful Girls, but that’s when their age gap was disturbing. Portman was just a kid back then, and Emmerich played a married man. Emmerich isn’t our first pick for the film to play Portman’s husband. At 16 years between them it’s still a bit of an unbelievable pairing, but perhaps they’ll work on the fly with this difference.

What’s more exciting is that Jane Got A Gun still has a chance of not completely falling apart again.