WWE News: The Undertaker Details His Falling Out With Vince McMahon Over Starrcast II

The relationship between The Undertaker and Vince McMahon has been solid ever since the legend's debut in WWE, but there have been some bumps in the road. Last year, the former WWE Champion agreed to do a fan signing at Starrcast II. That event ran on the same weekend with All Elite Wrestling's Double or Nothing pay-per-view, and that incident led to a "falling out" between Vince and Taker.

In the latest episode of Undertaker: The Last Ride on the WWE Network, Mark Calaway details that situation from February of 2019. As reported by Wrestling Inc., Undertaker agreed to do an appearance and autograph signing at Starrcast II, and that was all it was supposed to be.

Calaway said that he was working with a social media company to get his name out there to work on endorsement deals. He agreed to the autograph signing in Las Vegas, and said that it had nothing to do with AEW.

Vince looked at it quite differently.

He asked Undertaker what he was doing, and the legendary wrestler tried to explain that it was nothing more than an autograph signing. Vince insisted that fans thought Taker was going to be a part of the Double or Nothing event for AEW.

"Well, that's stupid. Anybody that knows anything about me knows that I'm not going to a different company. I've been here forever," Calaway said.

Vince McMahon berates The Undertaker in the ring.

Even though fans knew that Undertaker wasn't going to "jump ship" to AEW, Vince still didn't take it lightly.

"Vince and I had a little bit of a falling out over it, and I understand where he was coming from. He [has] got a business to run, and I understand his position, but I also had a position of my own that needed to be understood. And we didn't talk for a little while, and then, we both let our guard down enough to talk. And then, we had things worked out. It [has] all been sunshine and rainbows since."
Around the same time that The Undertaker was announced to appear at Starrcast II, Kurt Angle was added to the event as well. It wasn't long before both former WWE Champions were taken off the list of superstars appearing at the event, as reported by Sports Illustrated.

Fans who have been watching Undertaker: The Last Ride have seen just how close the legendary superstar is with Vince McMahon. To know they had a falling out over what appears to be a misunderstanding is huge after a relationship that has spanned more than 30 years.