Addison Rae Fans Freak Out After She Dances With Kourtney Kardashian In A TikTok Video

Addison Rae Easterling’s TikTok followers were shocked when Kourtney Kardashian made an appearance in one of her dance videos. On Saturday, Addison shared the short clip on her account, and it has already amassed over 5.5 million likes.

It’s not unusual for Addison to collaborate with other content creators in her videos, but she’s usually dancing with other members of the Hype House or social media influencers, not a massively successful reality TV star. This is likely why so many of her fans freaked out when a member of the Kardashian family inexplicably popped up in one of her recent videos.

In the clip, Kourtney, 41, and Addison, 19, were rocking matching oversized sweatshirts. The tops had the words “Lucky me! It’s my Birthday” inscribed on them in large letters. The garments also featured heart graphics on the front and multiple yellow smiley faces on the sleeves.

According to People, Kourtney’s brother-in-law, rapper Kanye West, designed similar “merch shirts” for Saint West and Reign Disick’s joint birthday party in 2018.

Addison and Kourtney were both wearing short bottoms underneath their baggy tops, so they were showing a lot of leg as they danced to the song, “Shoota,” by Playboi Carti. The two entertainment icons both wore their dark hair straight and parted down the center, but Addison’s waist-length tresses were significantly longer than Kourtney’s.

The two women laughed as they took turns performing a series of arm movements and pointing their thumbs at each other. Their movements were timed with Playboi’s lyrics.

“I gotta tell my bestie. Someone call my bestie. Think I found my bestie,” the rapper sang.

Addison and Kourtney also pointed at the camera, linked arms, and pretended to smoke. They switched sides near the end of the video.


take 5 @kourtneykardashian

♬ original sound – payton graber

The video was filmed in front of racks and shelves full of clothing inside a room that appeared to be Kourtney’s massive closet.

Addison didn’t reveal why she was hanging out with the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, but she did say that it took five takes for her and Kourtney to nail their dance.

Addison’s fans flooded the comments section of her upload with their reactions to seeing her with Kourtney.

“Wow the duo we never knew we needed,” read one response to her video.

“The video we’ve all been waiting for,” another fan wrote.

“Causally hanging out with her I would freak out,” a third remark read.

A number of fans also opined that Addison’s new darker hair color makes her look a little bit like a member of the Kardashian clan, and there were suggestions that Addison should get her own reality show.

“WAITTT keeping up with the Easterlings? I would be here for it,” wrote one admirer.

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