Stormy Daniels Shades Donald Trump With Tweet About President Exaggerating ‘Size’ After Small Tulsa Rally

Stormy Daniels took to Twitter today to throw some shade at U.S. President Donald Trump after he drew a much smaller than expected crowd at his first campaign rally since March in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Saturday. The Tulsa fire marshall estimated that attendance was about 6,200 in the BOK arena, which holds about 19,000 people, and because of the low turnout, overflow speeches outside the venue were canceled. Ahead of the rally, Trump and his campaign manager, Brad Parscale, had both tweeted about the large number of ticket requests.

“Told ya’ll he exaggerates about the size of things,” tweeted Daniels on Sunday morning.

The tweet quickly caught the attention of others on the popular social media platform, with over 100,000 Twitter users hitting the like button and more than 20,000 retweeting it to their timelines. More than 2,300 accounts also commented on the adult entertainer’s shade of the president.

“Dang girl… you sneak back onto the scene just when America needs you most. Bravo!” wrote one user, and Daniels replied.

“Don’t worry. I’ve always been here…fighting behind the scenes and kicking a** in court. Wait til he sees the new interview I did yesterday,” she tweeted.

When people asked about the interview, she said that it would come out this fall as part of a documentary, and several users expressed that they were anxious to see it when it debuts. Daniels did not give many more details about the upcoming film.

“So he isn’t the crowd-pleaser he brags he is?” another wondered on her original tweet.

“Well, he’s going to need to bring Sean Spicer out of retirement to handle this one,” predicted a third Twitter user referencing Trump’s former White House press secretary.

Another Twitter account that replied gave Daniels the made-up best tweet award. However, not everybody was supportive, and some accused her of being opportunistic and trying to get attention with the pointed words. A few of those who replied questioned her connection to the NXIVM cult, which she has said she was not a member of in the past.

Daniels wrote a book called Full Disclosure about her 2006 affair with Trump, and in it, she shared some less than flattering physical details about the president. It seemed that her tweet referenced part of the description she shared in her book. The adult entertainer is one of two women that Michael Cohen sent a $130,000 payment to in 2016 just before the president’s election to try to keep the story under wraps, the BBC reported.