June 21, 2020
Jamal Adams Would Cost The Kansas City Chiefs Too Much, Analyst Says

While Jamal Adams has reportedly said that the Kansas City Chiefs are one of the teams he'd be willing to play for if the New York Jets end up trading him, one analyst thinks the asking price would be too high for the Super Bowl champions. Matt Conner of Arrowhead Addict wrote on Friday that the idea of the Chiefs managing to bring in a superstar player of Adams' level sounded a bit ridiculous. He added that the defensive back is wanting a brand new contract, despite the fact that his current deal doesn't run out until 2021.

Conner wrote that he doesn't think the Chiefs have the kind of money or cap space that could accommodate what the Jets defensive star is asking for. Looming extensions for Patrick Mahomes and Chris Jones are expected to eat up whatever extra dollars are available.

He also spoke to New York Jets analyst Justin Fried, who believes the relationship between Adams and the Jets hasn't actually reached a point where a trade is absolutely going to happen. While there are some who believe Adams has drawn a line in the sand with his request earlier this week to be offloaded to another team, Fried believes something can still be worked out. At the same time, the analyst doesn't believe the defensive back is going to get an extension this offseason. Adams has made it clear he doesn't want to play under his current deal.

"The Jets hold all the cards in this situation; Adams has no leverage," Fried said. "The only things he can do are to request a trade, which he has now done, and be a nuisance to the team. General manager Joe Douglas isn't going to budge on this issue. He's not extending Adams this offseason. It really all depends on what Adams does then. How far is he willing to go? How much more damage will be done? Things have started to get ugly and they might only get uglier."

Fried added he believes the chances a trade could take place are currently somewhere in the 30-40 percent likelihood range. He admitted those odds could go up if things continue to deteriorate.

As Conner pointed out, even if Adams does eventually get traded, it seems extremely unlikely it will be to the Chiefs. ESPN's Jeremy Fowler reported on Twitter that Adams is looking for something close to $20 million per year in a new contract. Conner doesn't believe there's any way the Chiefs have the ability to get that kind of deal done.