‘Jersey Shore’ Twitter War Erupts Between Castmates During & After Season Finale

A Twitter war between several cast members of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation erupted during and following the Season 3 finale on MTV. Live tweets from the show’s cast members were followed by an Instagram livestream. Subsequent fan comments showed that viewers were clearly split between two camps: those who chose to stick with Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, Deena Nicole Cortese and Jenni “JWoww” Farley, and those who sided with Angelina Pivarnick.

Twitter exploded with differing statements by Jenni, Vinny, Pauly, Mike, and Nicole, who all tweeted as the episode aired. While several cast members tried to joke about the goings-on, Jenni, Nicole, Deena, and Angelina directly addressed the conflict on their social media accounts. Deena released a statement at the conclusion of the series while Angelina set her Twitter to private as the show aired, then turned it back on at the conclusion of the episode.

Statements released by her co-stars on Twitter appeared to contradict an Instagram statement that Angelina released earlier in 2020 that she and her castmates were working on their difficulties and had moved on from the conflict. That post was later deleted.

The two-part finale concluded on June 18 with an ending that seemed unfitting for a season that appeared to focus on the castmates overcoming their differences and drawing closer over the course of the months prior to Angelina’s wedding to Chris Larangeira. Throughout Season 3, Jenni, Deena, and Nicole appeared to grow closer to Angelina. They took her shopping for a wedding dress, appeared to iron out some personal difficulties she experienced with her then-fiance, and whisked her to New Orleans for a wild bachelorette party.

For the season’s final hour, the series focused on the fallout of Jenni, Nicole, and Deena’s speech. It appeared both parties were in the wrong, but while one camp appeared to apologize and feel bad for their actions, the other maintained their stance in the right. Vinny questioned Angelina’s motives for the anger she displayed during the reception after she made the above statement on-air as the cameras rolled, asking her husband if they should get upset following her co-star’s speech.

After the speech where the women used raunchy sentiments to describe their friend, the girls appeared to be emotionally destroyed. They spent most of the hour of the series lamenting their actions and crying at the table where they were seated. Deena even apologized to Angelina after the incident, only to be told to leave by the bride.

Tensions flew as Angelina left her own reception to cool down while Deena marched right up to what appeared to be every person in the room and tried to break the ice with good humor, asking if they booed her during the speech. In the series final moments, Deena tearfully exclaimed directly to Jersey Shore’s cameras that she would never film with Angelina again. Nicole also stated that “this is it” regarding any further filming for the series.

Shortly after the episode aired, Angelina began an Instagram livestream where she and her husband, along with several friends, talked directly to her followers and maintained their stance that they were wronged by the events of the day.

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