Lindsay Lohan’s Rehab Center Is Minutes Away From Party Club

Lindsay Lohan will attend rehab at the Seaside Center in Westhampton Beach, New York, a center is that just 16 minutes away from one of the top party clubs in the United States.

Lohan’s attorney, Mark Heller, had originally promised to deliver his client to a rehab lockdown facility; however, no such facilities exist in the North America.

The prosecution has agreed to allow Lohan to attend Seafield Center but only if she does not leave the facility for any reason for 90 days. Not leaving the facility could be difficult for the party girl as it is located just minutes from one of the country’s top party clubs.

While the rehab center will not stop patients from leaving, the facility does have employees at all exits along with a security system that monitors the facility.

If Lohan is caught leaving the Seaside Center, she will be in violation of her court order and she will be sent directly to jail.

Lindsay Lohan was able to have her plea deal reworked last week but only under the promise that she would not step foot outside of the non-lockdown facility.

Even if Lohan leaves the house, she will be met with walls she needs to climb, yet another chance for the former A-list star to be caught.

The Seafield Center will add to Lohan’s financial groups; the facility costs $4,025 per week for a total sum of $51,750.

In yet another moment of Lohan catering, the facility typically only accepts patients for 28-day stays. In fact, the center’s director has agreed to specially tailor a 90-day program for Lohan to ensure a maximum return on her stay.

While the facility may not be a lockdown rehab center, it does have a lot of rules such as no cell phones and no cigarettes.

If Lindsay Lohan manages to stay behind the Seafield Centers walls for the full 90-day stay, we will be extremely surprised.

Do you think Lindsay Lohan will manage to properly complete her 90-day rehab stay?