Christian Dating Show Coming To GSN

After the success of The American Bible Challenge, the Game Show Network is considering a slew of new reality TV programs. At the front of the queue is a planned Christian dating show.

The American Bible Challenge is just now entering its second season and has become a huge hit for GSN. The Jeff Foxworthy hosted show quizzes contestants on their knowledge of the Bible and gets double the viewers of anything else on the network.

The network is seemingly interested in capitalizing on Christian-based programming with a dating show called It Takes a Church, which is now in development. The show would have church members compete to find a love interest for a single member of the congregation.

Though The American Bible Challenge has been a huge hit and a Christian dating show is on its way, GSN executives said that they weren’t going to shift the channel’s focus to faith-based programming. They’ll continue to offer secular shows like Baggage, Family Feud, Minute to Win It, and The Newlywed Game.

“We still need to be a broad-based channel,” said executive vice president for programming and development at GSN Amy Introcaso-Davis.

Still, GSN admits the drawing power of Christian-based The American Bible Challenge.

“Literally, it put us ahead of the game in the year’s most talked-about programming trend,” Ms. Introcaso-Davis said, referencing the popularity of programs like History’s The Bible miniseries.

It Takes a Church is among six new programs in development at GSN and will ask congregations, pastors, friends, and family to help find a good potential spouse for a single church member. The show is planned to have hour-long episodes if picked up.

The show is described as a modern take on “the ladies of the church are always trying to fix up the few single” church-goers, Ms. Introcaso-Davis said, and would be “aimed specifically at that new audience” brought to GSN by The American Bible Challenge.

What do you think? Would you watch GSN’s Christian dating show?