WWE News: The Undertaker Opens Up About Backstage Problems With Legendary Superstar

Big Show is one of the WWE locker room's longest-serving members, but there was a time when the superstar was a newcomer to the company and didn't get along with his colleagues. In the latest episode of the After the Bell podcast, The Undertaker explained that Big Show had backstage heat when he joined the company in 1999.

As quoted by WrestlingNews.co, The Undertaker revealed that a couple of factors led to Big Show upsetting the locker room. On one hand, he had an ego as he joined WWE following his main event run in World Championship Wrestling. Some members of the WWE locker room took umbrage with his attitude, as he didn't treat people with respect.

"[It] took a while for him to realize that because we are talented doesn't make us any better than who is pulling the cables or setting up something. There were a few incidents where he treated some people pretty bad and he got the crooked finger pointed to him quite a bit. I was trying to help him reach his full potential, not only as a performer but as a human being. Not that it was my role to do that, but I knew there was a lot there. I wanted him to excel on all levels."
According to The Undertaker, he also had a problem with Big Show's in-ring work. When the superstar joined the company, he wanted to showcase more of his athletic ability. However, The Undertaker believed that Big Show's size was his strongest attribute, and he wanted him to wrestle like a giant. The Undertaker said that Big Show's intention to prove that he was a good worker was well-meaning, but also believed that the superstar "devalued himself" as a result.
While The Undertaker and Big Show had some problems with each other early on in the latter's career, they are good friends these days. During the interview, The Undertaker described their relationship as "close," and any bad blood between the pair is a thing of the past.

The Undertaker's criticism of the superstar appears to have been well-intentioned. He chose to help Big Show rather than vilify him for his behavior and in-ring work. Given that Big Show has worked with the company for over 20 years, it's clear that he took The Undertaker's advice and changed his attitude.

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