‘Double Shot At Love’ Fans Split Over Nikki Hall’s Return To Pauly D’s Life

Fans of the MTV series A Double Shot at Love with DJ Pauly D & Vinny appeared to be split over Nikki Hall’s return to the series, according to several Instagram comments that accompanied a teaser trailer that featured the last moments from the first episode of the season. Fans were divided over how Nikki and Pauly can move forward in their relationship. They also spoke of Nikki switching from docile to explosive in her personality despite the fact that she said she had matured since her last appearance on the series.

In a clip posted to the show’s Instagram page, Nikki is seen wearing a neon green bikini. She walked out in front of the show’s other castmates from an afternoon at the pool prior to seeing Jersey Shore: Family Vacation stars Paul “Pauly D” DelVecchio and Vinny Guadagnino in their suite for the first time. The cast members included Maria Elizondo, Brittani “B-lashes” Schwartz, Derynn Paige, Marissa Lucchese, and Susan “Suzi” Baidya as well as three new male castmates — Brandon Stakemann, Antonio Locke, and Nicky Curd.

Nikki quickly saw Pauly and did what he called a “u-turn” into another room to avoid him. Fans were conflicted over her actions. Nikki did not appear ready to face her ex.

“She’s doing too much, like why u come!? You were gonna end up seeing the guys no matter what.. it’s THEIR SHOW!” claimed one follower.

“She does too much, like sis when she started arguing right away with that one dude???? what was the reason??” complained a second viewer who didn’t understand why Nikki started drama with Brandon after he spoke to Pauly about her behavior at the pool.

“Bro what were you guys thinking Nikki’s freaking crazy! I know you guys want the ratings but come on now! The girls not right in the head whatsoever!!!” alleged a third fan.

“So dramatic & literally ruined the first episode with her big mouth,” remarked a fourth viewer.

Pauly unceremoniously eliminated Nikki from the competition during Season 1 of the series. He told her that instead of finding love, he chose to remain single. Initially, Nikki did not choose to join the aforementioned women on the trip. It was at Maria’s insistence that Nikki decided to join her fellow castmates in Las Vegas but didn’t quite expect her own powerful response to seeing Pauly once again. As the season continues, fans will see how their relationship moves forward and if they can put their past behind them and start a friendship anew.

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