Lance Bass Says Jax Taylor ‘Reverted Back’ To His Old Ways, Explains What Really Went Down With Their Business

Lance Bass says Jax Taylor has reverted back to his old self. The NSYNC singer spilled all of the details of his fractured business partnership with the Vanderpump Rules star while speaking on his Daily Popcast show.

One day after Jax’s rep denied Lance’s claims the two were no longer business partners, the singer went into more detail about what went down between him and Jax and the duo’s recently launched premium mixers line, according to Entertainment Tonight.

On his podcast, Lance explained that the Just Add X company was getting “a lot of hatred” in the aftermath of the headline-making Vanderpump Rules racism scandal that saw four cast members fired. He explained that Jax then offered to step down from the business and that the rest of the team agreed it was the best solution.

Lance added that publicists, managers, and lawyers then got involved and threw “the biggest wrench in everything” when they claimed he was lying about Jax stepping down.

“You wanna know what really went down?” Lance asked his listeners.

The pop star explained that he was approached by a mutual friend about collaborating with the reality star for the line two years ago and that they all thought it would be a good way to show fans how far Jax has come since his bad boy days on the earlier seasons of Vanderpump Rules.

“On the show, Jax [was] looking great, ” he explained. “He’s so pleasant to be around, zero drama, like, nothing. He changed. He turned his life around. We all saw it, we all watched it on television.”

Lance said the business was dreamt up in part to help show Jax’s growth as an adult.

“I was happy to back him and believe in him, and I always want the best things for him,” he continued. “But then, this season started airing, and he reverted back to the same crap he was spewing.”

Lance reiterated that he has never heard anything racist come out of Jax’s mouth and that he does not believe his former friend is a homophobe. But he does think he says “ignorant” things at times.

“Sorry this got dramatic, but I have to defend myself,” Lance added. “Once someone calls me a liar, I gotta tell you what happened.”

The singer previously predicted that the reality star will soon be fired from Vanderpump Rules and that the scandal will cost him “everything.” He also announced that his former friend would be “stepping down” from their Just Add X partnership just one month after the two debuted their premium mixers line.

But in a statement to E News!, a rep for Jax shut down Lance’s “shocking” and “confusing” statements about the business partnership. The rep stated that Jax is still a full partner in the company he co-founded and that the Just Add X team all vowed to have his back as he weathers his personal crisis.

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