WWE News: Veteran Superstar Says Partying Has 'Taken Its Toll' On Him, Opens Up About Health Problems

Former WWE superstar Brian Knobbs -- who most fans know as being one-half of The Nasty Boys tag team -- was the guest on the latest episode of Prime Time with Sean Mooney, where he discussed a variety of topics about his career. One of the conversations revolved around the legendary superstar's health problems, which he claims are a result of taking bumps and partying too much throughout his career.

According to Knobbs, per WrestlingNews.co, years of abusing his body are catching up with him. He discussed how competing in WCW's Hardcore division was a contributing factor to his wear and tear, as he was having hard-hitting matches against physical opponents -- such as Bam Bam Bigelow and Hak -- which also involved weapons.

The 57-year-old revealed that he now suffers from Type-2 diabetes and opened up about how his lifestyle has affected his current physical wellbeing.

"It took a toll on me. I quit drinking for a while. Now I'm drinking beer again. Now I'm trying to quit again. I have to watch, health-wise. I'm not a young man anymore. That damage takes its toll on everything. You smarten up after you hit your 50 mark. I should have smartened up before then, but it's in your blood and sometimes you don't think. I have no regrets, but I had to stop."
Knobbs also described his body as "broken down" and revealed how he suffered a foot infection that spread to his knee. This required the former superstar to have an operation on his foot to prevent the infection from spreading even further. He also received a "new knee" and had to spend several weeks in the hospital while he recovered.

According to Knobbs, being in WWE was tough, as he was on the road 295 days of the year and partying after his matches. He also talked about how superstars such as Roddy Piper and Ric Flair -- who were also known for their partying antics -- became his friends. That certainly didn't help Knobbs' health in the long-run.

The legendary superstar went on to discuss how he wasn't signed to a contract in WWE, but he did make some of the best money of his career while wrestling for the company. The Nasty Boys are also considered one of the most iconic tag teams of their era and their time in WWE played a big part in their rise to wrestling superstardom.

During the interview, Knobbs also talked about his friendship with Hulk Hogan. According to Knobbs, he doesn't see the Hall of Famer too often these days because they live too far apart. Hogan and Knobbs' friendship is well-known and some reports have claimed that the Hall of Famer was responsible for the Nasty Boys being pushed back in the day.