Patrick Mahomes’ Girlfriend Brittany Matthews Showcases Her Booty In Workout Videos

Brittany Matthews, the girlfriend of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, showcased her booty in a series of workout clips for her latest Instagram update. In the videos, she wore tight leggings and a sports bra while performing various lower-body exercises.

The 24-year-old is known for posting workout videos, but these were the first she shared on the social media platform since last month. Matthews sported a pair of skintight gray leggings, a light-pink sports bra, and white sneakers for the clips that were recorded in her at-home gym and outside. Her lovable dogs were also present for a couple of exercises.

In the first video, the fitness model was filmed from the side while she performed squats with a barbell on her shoulders. Matthews slowly completed the repetitions as her pets looked on. Fans were treated to an eyeful of her sculpted backside as she squatted in the tight-fitting pants. For the second exercise, she did split squats with one leg resting on a workout bench. She held dumbbells in each hand as she lowered her body.

The Texas native took the routine outside for her third exercise. She completed walking lunges while again holding dumbbells. Matthews was shot from the back as she lunged across the grass. One of her dogs was spotted on the side playing with a toy.

The blonde laid her upper body on a workout bench for her fourth exercise. With a resistance band around her thighs, she performed multiple glute squeezes while checking her form in a nearby mirror.

Matthews was filmed from the side for the final clip. She had a cable around her right ankle and kicked her leg back with her body leaning forward. This angle offered viewers a glimpse of her sculpted legs and bottom. She included detailed instructions for the full workout in her caption.

Many of the influencer’s 500,000 Instagram followers took notice of the vids, and more than 23,000 of them showed their appreciation by hitting the “like” button. Multiple fans thanked her for sharing the tips, and several others commented on her workout partners.

“Missed your workouts!! Thanks for this one,” a follower wrote.

“I’m sore,” one fan replied, adding several crying emoji.

“With the dogs right thereeeeee?? Omg,” an Instagram user replied.

“I got very distracted by silver and her dinosaur,” another added.

As covered by The Inquisitr, Matthews looked stunning while posing in tight fitness gear back in April. She rocked a cream-colored top and camouflage shorts for the photo set.

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