Carrie Ann Inaba Appears Wistful, Talks Escape In New Instagram Share

Carrie Ann Inaba appeared wistful and spoke about mentally escaping during stressful times in a new Instagram share. She referenced an accompanying blog post on her website where the Dancing with the Stars judge and The Talk co-host revealed her favorite ways to reconnect with herself during the COVID-19 pandemic as she quarantines alone at home.

In the caption of the social media post, Carrie Ann explained that there are many days when she feels the need to escape although she cannot go anywhere. She referenced a post from her Carrie Ann Conversations blog as a resource her followers can utilize to center themselves during this uncertain time.

Carrie Ann looked lovely in the Instagram photo. The stunning 52-year-old former dance professional gazed at a point off-camera. She wore a lovely yellow blouse in the pic, a color which was vibrant against her skin tone and hair color. Carrie Ann’s tresses were worn long and loose in the image. She still appeared to have some highlights on the bottom half of her hair. Carrie Ann wore little makeup, and black eyeliner could be seen on her upper eyelids, along with what appeared to be black mascara or false lashes. She apparently wore a light-colored blush on her cheeks and lipstick to finish off the look on her flawless skin.

Behind Carrie Ann, a large, twisted arrangement of branches was seen. It had tiny lights attached that twinkled. Behind the branches, a white wall featured framed photographs.

In a personal blog post that went hand-in-hand with the Instagram share, Carrie Ann revealed she has used techniques such as meditation, journaling, listening to music, and allowing her mind to wander as a way to combat stress and encourage healthy escapism during these challenging times.

Fans of the television personality loved the image and the comments shared along with it.

“Oh exactly how I feel! Thank you, we are not alone,” remarked one follower.

“You are such an amazing woman,” said a second fan.

“Aww, well said. You look so beautiful. I love you Carrie and enjoy your day. Sending you lots of love and hugs,” stated a third Instagram user of the positive influence the words had on their day.

“You are so right Carrie Ann. We all need an escape from everything that is happening in the world. Thank you for sharing what works for you, maybe it will help another as well!” said a fourth admirer.

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