Hanna Oberg Flaunts Chiseled Core In New Ab Workout Video

Hanna Oberg takes a mirror selfie.
Hanna Oberg / Instagram

Fitness model Hanna Oberg posted a new ab exercise video to her large Instagram collection of home and gym workouts.

The fitness trainer’s latest fitness routine took place at the gym. She wore a baggy, green crop top with long sleeves that included white cuffs and a logo printed in white across the chest. Along the rib cage, the top featured a cinched hem with ties in the front. A white sports bra peeked out from below the top while much of the model’s sculpted midsection was left exposed.

On her lower half, Hanna chose a pair of matching green booty shorts that rose high on her hips and extended to the tops of her thighs. The shorts clung to Hanna’s sculpted backside, outlining her enviable curves, while the length of her legs was left on display. In the caption of the post, Hanna specified that her outfit was from activewear brand Gymshark.

Hanna completed the outfit with a pair of white sneakers. She tied her brunette waves back into a high ponytail that prevented her hair from falling in her face during the workout. Hanna also appeared to have made up her eyes with a bit of black mascara and eye shadow, while her lips shone with gloss.

The ab workout consisted of four different exercises, each making use of the cable machine at the gym. The model began the workout with a quick clip that featured her tying back her hair and cocking a hip to the side to show off her curves. With her arms raised, viewers also got an eyeful of her chiseled tummy.

The first exercise in the workout was the cable side crunch. This move required Hanna to kneel on a black exercise mat with her knees spread apart while she pulled down on the cable with one hand. In the second video, she demonstrated the cable vertical crunch, lying down on her back while pulling the bar toward her raised legs.

The third exercise in the routine was the cable torso rotation. Hanna stood with her legs apart and pulled the cable from the side across her body. In the final video, the model showed her followers how to do plank stands to cable crossovers.

In the caption of the post, Hanna told her 1.8 million Instagram followers that ab exercises using the cable machine are her favorites. She signed off the message by reminding her fans that it is not possible to spot reduce fat, but rather a combination of consistency, hard work, and good nutrition is key to shaping up.