‘Saints Row 4’ Could Release On Next Gen Consoles ‘Eventually’

Saints Row 4 could eventually get a release on the next Xbox and the Sony Playstation 4, eventually. The game’s Design Director Scott Phillips recently held a press event where he said that the game will be released on current generation consoles this fall and could be getting the next gen treatment in the future.

Phillips did add that his company hadn’t received any hardware or specs from either Microsoft or Sony as it pertained to their next generation consoles and because of this, there isn’t currently any real aim at launching on anything other than the current generation machines.

Saints Row 4‘s rights were recently purchased by a new company after the firm that did own the rights held a bankruptcy auction. It seems likely that Koch Media will be looking to move titles like this one into the next generation eventually.

Phillips’ comments about the game developer really looking at the Xbox 720 or the PS4 seem to be in contrast with those of senior producer Jim Boone. Boone said that the company is definitely looking at next generation consoles but that this particular title will only have a release on consoles that are already out on the market.

This could be a case of Phillips simply mistating the intentions of his company. It could also be that Phillips really wants the company to take a look at moving this to the next gen.

A third option is that Boone’s comments simply aren’t reflective of where the company is going at this point. There are any number of different reasons why a gaming company would change their approach mid-stream but it bears mentioning that the next Xbox seems quite a bit more real these days.

The recent spate of rumors surrounding Microsoft’s newest console has the device being unveiled on May 21 and that unveiling could be getting some of Volition’s staff members in a tizzy about getting a next gen game out to the public.

Do you think Saints Row 4 is a game that could make it out to the next generation of consoles?