‘Elysium’ Lands A Trailer

Elysium has just landed a trailer.

Elysium is a science fiction thriller starring Matt Damon (Ocean’s Eleven), Jodie Foster (Panic Room), Sharlto Copley (The A-Team), Alice Braga, Diego Luna, William Fichtner and Wagner Moura. The story involves a segregated year 2154, where the wealthy live in a man-made space station paradise called Elysium and the rest of humanity live on the ruined Earth below. Max, played by Matt Damon, has to defy Secretary Delacourt (Jodie Foster) and her army in order to bring equality to both sides. His success could save the lives of millions, including his own.

The trailer begins with a futuristic sprawl of rolling hills and circular buildings passing beneath you as the words appear in white on black, “The year 2154.” We then see a gray building with sparse white stripes running vertical from the top, appearing to be an exotic military design.

The words on black now say, “The privileged,” as Jodie Foster walks out with a self-inflating smile into a room with ornate furnishings including paintings and a fireplace. She says, “Welcome” as a couple greets her by a large window with a fantastic view beyond it.

The man says, “Ah, hello Madam,” as the words on black now say, “Live on Elysium.”

We then see people relaxing by a pool in the sunlight in a landscape littered with palm trees. Up above is a towering structure that appears to support a bridge, and Earth is in the near distance, much like the moon would be. The words on black say, “No poverty, no war, no sickness.” A woman in a red swimsuit approaches the building, shedding a robe and something with what looks like a Medusa head plate starts turning something behind it. A display says, “Trace amounts of cancer” as what turns out to be a scanner machine passes over the woman’s body. The words on the display indicate 100 percent clear. The rest of the trailer is below.

What do you think of the trailer for Elysium?