Former 'Below Deck' Cast Member Laura Betancourt Reacts To Season 7 Controversies & Kate Chastain's Exit

Kristen Markel

Below Deck star Laura Betancourt chatted with Bravo's The Daily Dish about the controversies from Season 7 as well as her thoughts on former co-star Kate Chastain's departure from the show. Laura was the third stewardess on motor yacht Seanna during the sixth season of the popular reality show and famously told her boss "to check yourself" several times within earshot of guests.

The former stewardess was eager to discuss the past season of the yachting reality show. Laura stated that she would have loved to be "a fly on the wall" of the boat.

Laura and the hosts discussed Captain Lee Rosbach's perceived favoritism of Kate. Many of the crew believed that the yacht captain gave preferential treatment to the chief stewardess since the two had worked together for several years. Seanna's leader said Kate was "like a daughter." Laura agreed that the two had a healthy relationship, and there was favoritism there. However, Laura saw a positive view of the relationship.

"The captain always has his chief as someone he really looks up to because the captain relies on the chief stew for a lot. So, it is something that they need to establish a strong relationship. For his best interests, they need to have a good relationship."

As for Kate's departure from the reality show, Laura was "pumped" for her former boss. The brunette thought this was something that was most likely in the works for some time. Laura wished the author all the best. Kate announced her retirement from yachting in February and now has a radio show on Andy Cohen's SiriusXM channel, Radio Andy.

When specifically asked about her thoughts on former co-star and love interest Ashton Pienaar's antics during the past season, Laura admitted that although she had only watched some of the episodes and the parts she did see were "kinda painful." Ashton famously clashed with the females aboard the yacht many times. The blond bosun got into heated arguments with Kate as well as deckhand Rhylee Gerber. At one point, the former male dancer punched the window of a van in anger.

Despite the antics, Laura's opinion of the bosun didn't change.

"It didn't change my opinion because I know Ashton."