‘Fortnite’ Hit With Server Delays Ahead Of Monday’s Live Event, Many Turn To Watch Livestreams Instead

Fortnite gave a warning to gamers hoping to watch the major in-game announcement on Monday, telling them to make sure to show up half an hour early to avoid delays getting in.

But many of those who tried to log in on Monday afternoon were still met with delays in the server queue, leading to some frustration online and prompting many to look for livestreaming options to watch instead.

As The Verge noted, Fortnite players have been watching a countdown in the game’s lobby, in Midas’ room in the battle pass menu, and above the Agency building that runs until 2:05 p.m. ET on Monday. It wasn’t clear what the announcement would entail, but some have been pulling together clues from within the game.

“Epic hasn’t said much about what’s to come, but mysterious hatches have appeared in the water around the Agency and a large pulsing orb can be seen in Midas’ room. It seems likely the hatches and the orb will be part of the event in some way, but in a game that has transported players to interdimensional realms, anything is possible,” the report noted.

Unfortunately, those who showed up early to get in on the announcement have been met with major delays, leaving many unable to get into the game itself. Many were upset with Epic for the instruction to show up early, which appeared to backfire.

“It’s actually stupid for Epic to tell everyone to get in 30 minutes before cause now MILLIONS of people are trying to get queue into fortnite,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“Fortnite is amazing first it crashes before the event and now I can’t even get into the game because of a server queue,” another complained.

Many of those frustrated with not being able to get into Fortnite to watch Monday’s announcement said they were instead searching for other ways to watch, including livestreams. That was a bit tricky, as there was no official stream for them to watch, leaving many to go searching for a way with little time to spare before it starts.

Those trying to watch the Fortnite event through a livestream will have a few options. Though The Verge noted that Epic won’t be streaming the event itself, many gaming streamers should be covering it. Ones to watch include Ninja and NickEh30, the report noted. The report also advised gamers to check out YouTube shortly after the announcement is made, with replays likely being posted.

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