Selena Gomez Comes Clean On Justin Bieber ‘Cry-Gate’

Selena Gomez’s astonishing performance on Late Show with David Letterman last month when she told millions she had made her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber cry silenced millions for just a moment.

But it was enough.

The ex Disney actress-singer’s comment kicked off yet more speculation about why the teenage sweethearts’ two year relationship endedand gave Gomez the power play point for being the one who pulled the plug.

Now, Gomez has backtracked from her Letterman zinger.

During press rounds for her upcoming album and new single “Come And Get It,” the Spring Breakers actress told radio morning show Johnjay and Rich that her “cry” revelation wasn’t true.

When asked if she really did make Bieber cry, the 20-year-old admitted:

“No, it’s fine. I care about him a lot.”

Significantly, Gomez and Bieber met up on March 27 just before the “Boyfriend” left for his ill-fated flight to Munich. It doesn’t take a magic ball to know that at least one of the things they talked about was her “cry” comment.

So, three options: Did the ex-couple agree to to play nice in public, did Gomez really make Bieber cry but now wants to repair bridges, or did it really never happen?

Whatever the truth is, it seems Gomez is now trying to undo the mess of what was a very personal revelation for her ex-lover. Which does make you wonder why the album and movie promoting starlet said it in the first place.

In other Gomez news, the former Wizards of Waverley Place star recently hit up Ryan Seacrest’s radio show and said her new single was “not really about a specific person.”

She added:

“The reason why I wanted this to be the first single was because it exudes, like I said earlier, confidence and strength and that is something I’m willing to share with the world, that’s the place I want to be in.”

Although Bieber and Gomez have definitively split, some media reports say the Canadian singer is “p*ssed” that his close friend King Kevi partied with his ex-girlfriend at her home in Los Angeles recently.

“Kevi and Selena are friends. There was a party that night with 15 or 20 people, just a little kick back and they were hanging out smoking hookah with some buddies,” an insider tells Radar Online.

The nameless source said Bieber questioned Kevi and asked if he was thinking of “hooking up” with Gomez. To which, Kevi apparently said there was nothing going on.

Oh, the humanity.

Next up for Gomez, her debut of “Come And Get It” on MTV’s 2013 Video Music Awards on April 14.

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