Ben And Jerry’s 34th ‘Free Cone Day’ Crashes Website

Ben and Jerry’s underestimated the amount of traffic they would get for the company’s 34th annual Free Cone Day. The company’s website crashed today as people were searching the site to find their nearest ice cream cones.

Ben & Jerry’s holds a free ice cream day every year to celebrate its anniversary and say thank you to its customers. This year’s free cone day involved more than 650 stores in 20 countries.

The company wrote in a statement:

“Is there a better way to say thank you than free ice cream? Not if you’re Ben & Jerry’s! On Tuesday, April 9, Ben & Jerry’s scoop shops around the world will host the 34th annual Free Cone Day. Since its first anniversary in 1979, Ben & Jerry’s has thrown open the scoop shop doors and invited fans of all ages in for a free cup or cone.”

Dave Stever, the company’s chief marketing officer, added: “It’s free, it’s fair, it’s everywhere.”

Ben & Jerry’s spokeswoman Kelly Mohr told the LA Times that the company was working to fix the website. In the meantime, customers can head on down to their closest Ben & Jerry’s to get a free scoop of chunky monkey or cherry Garcia.

You can also try one of the company’s new flavors, like Liz Lemon, or one of the Greek Frozen Yogurt flavors. And if you aren’t a cone person, don’t worry, you can also get your free ice cream in a cup.