Sylvester Stallone Wants Wesley Snipes For ‘Expendables 3’

Sylvester Stallone is apparently very interested in getting Wesley Snipes to sign on for The Expendables 3.

The Rocky star is currently putting the finishing touches on the script for the upcoming sequel. If rumors are to be believed, then Stallone is adding a role specifically for Snipes.

“Sly wants to help Wesley get back on his feet. He sees him as a super addition to ‘The Expendables’ in what will be their biggest adventure yet,” an insider explained to the New York Daily News.

In addition to Wesley Snipes, the website’s source stated that Sylvester Stallone has his eyes set on other famous faces as well. The action star is hoping to bring Jackie Chan, Clint Eastwood, and Harrison Ford into the fold for the upcoming sequel.

However, all of this information should be approached with caution until Stallone or someone involved with the production makes an official announcement.

Should everything go according Sylvester’s master plan, The Expendables 3 will begin filming this summer. Since the production is scheduled to start in a matter of months, solid casting details are likely to start popping up shortly.

Wesley Snipes involvement with The Expendables 3 isn’t the only project the actor has waiting in the wings. The long-awaited action flick Gallowwalkers is expected to arrive later this year. Producers were reportedly waiting for Snipes to be released from prison before embarking on a huge promotional push.

The horror movie has been described as follows:

“‘Gallowwalkers’ tells the story of a mysterious gunman, Aman, the son of a nun, who breaks her covenant with God to ensure his survival. Her break with God curses her son to be hunted by all those who die by his hand. When he takes revenge on a gang that murdered his love, the gang rises as a cursed crew of undead warriors and hunt him mercilessly, seeking their ‘dying’ revenge.”

The Passenger 57 star was released from prison on April 2. He will remain under house arrest until July 19. If he’s going to be involved with Stallone’s sequel, then it will likely be after he leaves federal custody.

Are you a fan of Wesley Snipes? What do you think about the actor possibly joining the cast of The Expendables 3?