Ryan Seacrest Suffers Awkward Fall On ‘Live’ While Trying To Do A Handstand Walk

Mike CoppolaGetty Images

Ryan Seacrest has got somewhat of a reputation for taking tumbles on live TV — and he took yet another one during the June 12 episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan. The host accidentally broke two ornaments inside his home on the Friday episode of the ABC talk show when he tried — and failed — to do a walking handstand.

As reported by Entertainment Tonight Canada, the awkward moment went down when Ryan tried to keep up with co-host Kelly Ripa’s youngest son, 17-year-old Joaquin.

As Kelly and Ryan continue to film new episodes from their homes due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Joaquin walked into the shot on his hands — behind his mom — while she and Ryan discussed how circus performers have had to practice their skills at home.

The teen — who recently got his hair cut during a bloody hairdressing session with Kelly — rocked a pair of navy shorts and a navy T-shirt as he moved in and out of the frame on his hands.

Ryan — who reportedly has no plans to leave the show anytime soon, despite rampant speculation that he may not return to New York once the series is allowed to head back into the studio — then jokingly called Kelly’s son a “show off.” Ryan then tried to give viewers a look at his skills with a handstand walk of his own.

The long-time American Idol host repeatedly failed to even get into a handstand position on camera, then moved out of frame as a very loud crash could be heard.

Kelly’s expression then turned to utter shock as it was revealed that Ryan had fallen over into two ornaments placed inside his California home. Ryan returned to the shot to show off the damage.

“I broke the ancient artifact and the candle,” the 45-year-old said as he held up the broken items to the camera. Ryan told Kelly that he’d broken a giant Joe Malone candle and a very old-looking pot that he claimed was from Mesopotamia.

“Don’t try that at home,” he quipped.

Ryan’s latest dramatic fall came shortly after the host took a pretty major tumble on the show back in January.

The host fell right out of his chair on live TV while he attempted to catch a gold balloon that was thrown to him from someone off-camera. The star was left flat on his back as Kelly and a crew member attempted to pick him up, though Ryan was fortunately left uninjured after the incident.