James Cameron And Dolby Bringing Glasses-Free 3D Experience

We’ve all been there, trying to sacrifice comfort to enjoy the qualities of 3D work. Some of us have even felt the constant reminder of being uncomfortable as we try to fit our 3D glasses over our regular glasses without trying to cause a scene or spill our popcorn all over.

It’s a quiet balance that most of the time takes place in the dark, but with new technologies if we want to enjoy this at home it’s something we have to deal with on our own couch. The discomfort of enjoying 3D while wearing those pesky glasses may all come to an end. Visionary filmmaker James Cameron has teamed up with Dolby and Royal Philips to give a glasses-free 3D experience for the 3D TVs.

Under Cameron’s company Pace Group, the filmmaker has announced that the first glasses-free device will hit the market “in the next year or two.” Excited yet? There’s more.

The company, along with Dolby revealed even more of their plan at the NAB Show earlier this week. In agreement with CPG, this hands-free device will integrate Dolby 3D format into its work flow. The information will be supported by all Dolby content and it will also be available during play back on any Dolby 3D device.

Giles Baker, the senior of VP of Dolby’s broadcast business group elaborated more on this:
“3D is not really going to be successful as a mainstream viewing medium for consumers until it’s as easy as sitting down and watching the content.”

While this still means that those of us who can only (barely) afford a 3D movie ticket, will still have to deal with the uncomfortable glasses, it does look like this solution is on its way to theaters in a few years, at least those theaters that are supported by Dolby digital. The only problem with taking away glasses in theaters is that it may cause problems in appropriating the price of a ticket.

What are your thoughts on glasses-free 3D for TV?

[Photo: Shutterstock / Deklofenak]