June 14, 2020
Mom Who Battled Cancer While Pregnant Is Spreading A Message Of Hope

Jessica Storm is a mother from Milwaukee, Wisconsin who is spreading hope by keeping a positive attitude while facing numerous hardships. Storm was pregnant when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and was later diagnosed with melanoma, then a brain tumor, according to Today.

Storm was 28 weeks pregnant when she discovered a lump in her breast and decided to get it checked out. Despite the fact that it is very rare for a woman to be diagnosed with cancer while pregnant, she was informed that she had triple-negative breast cancer and would need to start chemotherapy immediately. Storm had already had two previous miscarriages and was concerned that she could lose her baby as a result of the cancer treatments.

"When I got the diagnosis, I just thought to myself, 'How could this be?'" Storm recalled.

She was later relieved when she delivered a baby girl named Josslyn. Even though she was still battling cancer, she did not complain because she was so grateful to have a healthy baby.

"No matter how bad life is for you, it will get better. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. I have a very healthy baby. I have a beautiful life. Yeah, it does have some twists and turns in it but I'm overcoming them every single day," Storm said.

She moved forward with her chemotherapy treatments, received surgery for breast cancer and everything seemed to be going well until doctors noticed a small spot on her back and became concerned it could be cancerous.

"Sure enough it comes back melanoma, stage 1," she recalled.

Storm had the melanoma removed, but then began getting crippling headaches and could not figure out what was causing them. After an MRI, doctors determined she had a golf-ball-sized tumor in her brain. She received yet another surgery to remove the tumor and moved forward with treatment for breast cancer. After two years of cancer treatments, she is doing better and is expected to have her final treatment in September. Throughout it all, she has remained positive.

"If you got one life to live you have make the best of it," she said.

Throughout quarantine, there have been several virtual benefits held to raise money for breast cancer research. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Elizabeth Hurley participated in one such effort.