WWE News: Current Champion Targeted By Online Hackers

WWE superstars spend their days in the public eye, which also means that they catch the attention of some questionable people at times. There have been numerous examples of superstars having their private files accessed by hackers in recent years, and Asuka is the latest performer to reveal that her social media was almost illegally accessed.

The Raw Women’s Champion took to Twitter on Thursday and revealed that hackers from Moscow and Qatar had tried to access her social media accounts. Asuka was understandably unhappy about the incident, but the hackers’ attempts appear to have been unsuccessful.

“IPs from Moscow and Qatar ‘’ and ‘’ and ‘’ someone is trying to illegally log in. Please stop the unauthorized login attempts.”

As noted by Ringside News, Asuka has her own YouTube channel dedicated to video games and technology, and she is known to be very tech savvy. If any WWE superstar has the ability to protect herself from hacker attacks, it could be “The Empress of Tomorrow.”

The identity of the hackers is unknown at the time of this writing. It’s also somewhat unlikely that these IP addresses are easily traceable, as there are ways of altering this information. Only the hackers know why they wanted to access Asuka’s account — though in many cases wherein celebrities have their digital lives invaded by unknown parties, the hackers attempt to steal and leak information.

Asuka’s tweet also suggests that she’d rather give the hackers a chance to stop of their own accord before she takes action against them. It seems that she just wants to move on and put the situation behind her.

Several of Asuka’s followers showed support for her tweet. One follower told the hackers that they “aren’t ready for Asuka,” while another claimed that she’d put them in an “Asuka lock.”

Some responses were more serious in nature, however. Other Twitter users recounted how their accounts had been broken into in the past, stating that it was a stressful experience to have their information stolen.

In the past, superstars such as Paige and Charlotte Flair have had their private information illegally accessed and leaked online. Paige has also been outspoken about the negative effect that the situation had on her mental health.

At the moment, Asuka is arguably more popular than she’s ever been. In recent months, she’s become one of the most beloved superstars on Monday Night Raw, and Vince McMahon is reportedly very high on the current champion.

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