WWE Rumors: Backstage Reason For Elias Car Accident Storyline Revealed

Elias was the victim of a car accident on a recent episode of Friday Night SmackDown. The segment ended with Jeff Hardy being accused of the attack and getting arrested as a result, while implying that he was intoxicated at the time. However, in the end, it turned out that Sheamus was the mastermind behind the accident. While the segment was aired for storyline reasons, Elias was reportedly chosen due to his injury woes.

As quoted by Ringside News, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter's Dave Meltzer noted that the decision to include the superstar in the storyline was two-fold, and it could be a while before Elias returns to television screens.

"The backstory of why Elias was the one hit by the car supposedly driven by Sheamus and Jeff Hardy being framed was a combination attempt to boost ratings (which did work for one week all things considered but not the second week) and also as a cover because he really did tear his pec."
Elias received a pectoral muscle injury recently that's likely to keep him out of action for the next couple of months at least. The company has yet to announce an estimated date of recovery, but pectoral injuries have been known to keep wrestlers out of action for up to eight months.

WWE released a statement following the Hardy incident, revealing that Elias also has broken ribs. However, this injury appears to have been concocted by the company's creative team for storyline reasons, possibly in an effort to make the injury seem more severe than it really is to get more heat on Sheamus. It's unknown when Elias suffered his real injury, but he hasn't wrestled since May.

However, as the original report states, WWE also used the superstar in an effort to shock viewers and boost ratings on Friday Night SmackDown. Viewership has been dwindling across all three of WWE's main shows as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and the company seems intent on adding more shock factor to this storyline in the hope more fans tune in.

Tonight's Friday Night SmackDown will feature a segment between Hardy and Sheamus that's bound to cause controversy. The company has been referencing Hardy's real-life addiction issues in the storyline, and tonight's episode will reportedly take that factor to another level.

Elias could possibly feature in the storyline when he returns to action. The nature of the way in which he was taken out of action sets up a feud with Sheamus down the line, should WWE decide to pursue it.