WWE Rumors: Vince McMahon Upset With Two Major Superstars Over Twitter Feud, Per Bryan Alvarez

A new report suggests that WWE chairman Vince McMahon is not happy with the recent online actions of two of his top stars — Monday Night Raw superstar Randy Orton and NXT standout Tommaso Ciampa.

As quoted by Ringside News, Bryan Alvarez discussed on Tuesday’s edition of Wrestling Observer Live the recent Twitter exchanges between Orton and Ciampa, which started when Orton seemed to call out NXT wrestlers who slap their legs during matches. According to Alvarez, he has gotten the impression that McMahon “isn’t very happy” with how both men have been acting on social media, as the WWE boss apparently doesn’t have any plans for them to feud in the ring in the foreseeable future.

“For those of you who may not know there are rules and then there’s Vince. Vince hates it when guys or women or whatever do something that teases a match that he’s not gonna do, but if he starts booking something that doesn’t pay off it’s totally fine. There’s a different set of rules.”

On Monday, WrestlingNews.co detailed the other social media jabs Orton and Ciampa have thrown at each other. These included Ciampa’s reply to Orton’s original tweet about leg slapping, where he joked that the 13-time world champion’s matches work “better than NyQuil” when it comes to putting his daughter to sleep. After Orton called Ciampa a “self appointed” locker room leader of a “wrestling school,” his wife, Kim, got involved in the discussion, accusing the former NXT Champion of taking credit for “all those ‘great matches'” that he didn’t actually plan.

As noted by the publication, the above Twitter exchanges have the look and feel of a wrestling angle and could point to a match taking place between Orton and Ciampa, odd as it seems for them to bring up real-life industry trends like leg-slapping during matches. However, a newer report from WrestlingNews.co speculated that the feud does indeed appear legitimate, judging by McMahon’s allegedly negative reaction. It was also pointed out that NXT superstars were recently prohibited from attacking main roster talents on social media unless they’re doing so for storyline purposes.

“Orton is a respected veteran and is unlikely to get in trouble but it’s unclear what any of this means for Ciampa,” the publication added.

Ciampa isn’t the only NXT superstar who has seemingly been on the receiving end of Orton’s criticism on Twitter. In February, “The Viper” took aim at Matt Riddle following his NXT Tag Team Championship win, telling the former UFC fighter to “f*ck off” after he shared a photo of himself celebrating his title win with then-teammate Pete Dunne.

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