Lindsay Lohan Misses Another Court Date In Los Angeles

Lindsay Lohan has missed yet another court date in Los Angeles.

The actress was supposed to attend the deposition in a lawsuit with photographer Grigor Balyan. The man reportedly filed a lawsuit against both Lohan and her assistant following an automobile accident that put him in the hospital.

Although Lindsay Lohan was required to make an appearance at the deposition, she never bothered to show up. The actress’ attorney Julia Azrael told Balyan’s lawyer last week that she was unable to get in touch with the Liz & Dick star regarding the deposition. However, the court date wasn’t rescheduled.

Reports suggest that Grigor Balyan’s lawyer is asking the court to force Lohan to show up for her next appearance. If she bails on the next scheduled date, then a hefty judgment could be awarded against her.

Lindsay Lohan may not have time for her many court appearances, but that isn’t stopping the troubled actress from fitting the Coachella Arts and Music Festival into her busy schedule. Lohan is expected to attend the event all weekend.

Friend and Danish celebrity promoter Claus Hjelmbak told RadarOnline that he is concerned for Lohan’s well-being. He’s also worried that she may not make it back from the festival alive.

Lindsay Lohan Skips Court Date

Hjelmbak explained to the website:

“Lindsay is in a very dark place right now, and I’m absolutely scared for her life. Coachella is the last place she needs to be. For someone struggling with addiction, like Lindsay, the amount of drugs and alcohol at Coachella is just a recipe for disaster waiting to happen. I know because I have been to the VIP tent at Coachella in the past. Lindsay can turn it around, but she has to look deep inside herself and get the help she needs.”

The actress is also expected to show up for the premiere of Scary Movie 5. Once all of these appearances have been squared away, she will be required to turn herself over to a rehabilitation facility on May 2.

What do you think about Lindsay Lohan skipping out on another court date?

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