‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Preview For Monday: Tension Between Ridge & Eric And Brooke’s Attack In First Episode

Katherine Kelly Lang and John McCook at 5000 episodes of 'The Bold and the Beautiful' celebration.
Darren Michaels / CBS

The Bold and the Beautiful preview for Monday, June 8 reveals the very first episode of the world’s most-watched soap opera. The episode dates back to March 23, 1987, and introduces the Forrester, Logan, and Spencer families, per SheKnows Soaps.

The Bold and the Beautiful stopped production in March 2020, due to the coronavirus epidemic. When B&B and The Young and the Restless ran out of new episodes on April 23, CBS decided to air vintage episodes according to a weekly theme.

Eric Forrester & Sons

In the pilot episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, Eric Forrester (John McCook) and his sons, Ridge Forrester (then – Ronn Moss) and Thorne Forrester (then – Clayton Norcross), previewed Forrester Creations’ new couture line to the press.

Backstage, Thorne noted that the press seemed to be impressed by Eric’s latest designs. Ridge felt that the real test would be whether the public would buy the clothes. Thorne realized that his brother was not a fan of the designs and told him that he should have spoken up about them sooner.

Later, Eric and Ridge disagreed about the line. Ridge preferred more sensuous clothing and would have liked it if the designs had shown more skin. Eric exploded and told him that he knew nothing about the psychology of a woman. He claimed that sensuality was a state of mind, before he walked away from his eldest son.

John McCook is one of only two original cast members of the show. He played Eric Forrester from the first day and is still a fan-favorite actor at age 75.

Bill Spencer Warned Ridge

Bill Spencer Sr. (Jim Storm) made his way to Ridge’s office. He wanted the designer to break off his relationship with his daughter, Caroline Spencer (Joanna Johnson). Ridge pointed out that Caroline knew that he was seeing other people.

Bill was livid and told Ridge that Caroline was his only child. The media mogul wanted Ridge to end it with Caroline that same night.

Ridge Asked Caroline To Marry Him

At Caroline’s place, she noted that Ridge didn’t appear to be himself. He mentioned that someone had stopped by the office.

Pretty soon, things got heated between the two of them. Caroline put the brakes on and told him that she only wanted to be with the person she married. Ridge then asked Caroline to marry him as soon as possible.

Brooke’s Attack

Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) arrived home from college in a disheveled state. She wouldn’t tell Katie Logan (Nancy Sloan) what was going on but opened up to the police officer when he knocked at the door.

Brooke had been attacked by two men in a van on campus. She managed to kick one of them and fled the scene.

Katherine Kelly Lang is the only other original cast member of the sudser, which was created as a sister soap opera to The Young and the Restless.