John Legend Cuddles With His Daughter Luna In A New Adorable Photo

On Saturday, June 6, Chrissy Teigen took to Instagram to share an adorable photo of her husband, John Legend, cuddled up on the couch with their almost-4-year-old daughter, Luna. The pair were enjoying a laid back and relaxing Saturday morning watching a Harry Potter movie.

The pair looked as if they had only just woken up, as both were in their pajamas. John wore a long-sleeve navy pajama shirt with gold trim. Luna looked just as comfortable in her sleeveless nightgown, her dark brown curls in disarray. The pair were both wrapped up in blankets as Luna rested her head on John’s shoulder.

Luna appeared to be paying close attention to the movie, while her father seemed less invested. John had his eyes closed and his arms crossed, appearing to be asleep.

In her caption, Chrissy told her followers that this was Luna’s first time seeing Harry Potter. However, John had seen the movie before and was less interested. Chrissy expressed her shock upon realizing how many years have passed since the very popular movie first came out. She also joked that her husband was only resting and not actually asleep.

Like many of Chrissy’s posts do, the adorable photo got a lot of attention online. The post racked up over 400,000 likes in only four hours. She has a whopping 30 million followers on the platform overall.

Her followers and friends took to the comments section to compliment the sweet father-daughter duo and to share their own experiences with introducing the Harry Potter series to their children.

“You’re such a beautiful family!” gushed one fan.

“We watched this last week!!! My 5 year old has desperately trying to do magic since,” another person joked.

Others encouraged the couple to read the Harry Potter books to their daughter.

“Read it to her! There are lovely Harry Potter picture books that I started reading to my son a few years ago. Best bonding time ever,” said one person.

“Read them together too! They really are magical… I have such fond memories of my mom reading them with me, and reading them to my baby sister,” remarked another.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Sunday, June 7, is a special day for Luna as she will be celebrating her fourth birthday with a tea party. Even through she will have only one guest in attendance due to social distancing, Chrissy intends to make it as special as possible for her, complete with fancy dishes and an outfit to fit the occasion.

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