Google’s 300 year plan

One of Google’s prime directives since day one has been to index all the world’s knowledge – meaning your’s and mine as well. There was also that silly little irritating motto about doing no evil but that has kind of fallen by the wayside over the years.

Well it turns out; according to Canadian filmmaker Ted Remoerowski, that Google has some sort of 300 year plan to put all known information into digital clouds. In his documentary; Google World, which will be airing on CBC-TV’s Doc Zone show on February 11 at 9 p.m. Remoerowski idn’t trying to scare people away from using Google. Instead he is trying to get people to reconsider their relationship with the company with open eyes.

The difficulty is that you’re talking about all intelligence, [but] held by whom? And how is it being used? Google claims that it is transparent and open, but what I discovered is that when you’re talking about their intellectual property, they are not transparent. They keep everything very close to the chest. What happens when they have all the knowledge at their disposal? That’s the question. Now, it’s not going to be a question we’re going to have to answer, because it’s 300 years away, but they are moving in that direction, and as they keep getting more and more information, you’ve got to ask yourself: Are we getting access to that information? Are they doing something with that information that we don’t know? Who knows? What do you do when you have the smartest guys in the room holding such enormous clout over data?

Source: Globe and Mail

Already we live in a world where a single company can produce better information at a faster pace than our own governments (flu trends). Doesn’t it make anyone even the slightest bit nervous to think that one single company controls an incredible amount of information; which it is constantly adding to on a daily basis?