Report: Global popularity of PlayStation 3 increasing fast

Market research firm Research and Markets has a shiny new report out on growth trends of gaming hardware (amongst other video consumer devices), and has concluded that the PlayStation 3, after a shaky first year or two, is now kicking ass and taking names on a worldwide scale.

According to the report, “The PS3 is dominant in Japan and Korea, and as of June 2008, has begun to outsell the Xbox 360 in Europe. It is also steadily increasing its market share in all other regions across the globe, including in the North American market.”

What does this mean for the wider home console market? The report points out that the Xbox 360 still sells more than the PS3 in North America, and still holds a lead over PS3 in total global sales as a result, but Sony’s console is undoubtedly on the rise elsewhere.

Some Sony bigwigs have already backed their console to beat the 360 this generation. Current evidence suggests they may be right, though I think we can all agree Nintendo’s Wii is a safe bet for top dog.

[IndustryGamers, via Joystiq]

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