‘A Haunted House’ Sequel Headed To Theaters This Winter

The sequel to the horror movie spoof A Haunted House is expected to arrive in theaters this winter.

Although critics were more than eager to bash the comedy, the film went on to make a tidy sum of money at the box office. The flick’s theatrical gross is currently parked at $40 million. Considering the spoof was made for around $2.5 million, that box office total suddenly doesn’t seem so small.

The sequel is currently going under the working title A Haunted House 2. Marlon Wayans is expected to return for the follow-up. The folks at Open Road Films will handle distribution for the flick.

Open Road Films explained in an official statement that A Haunted House 2 will be produced and financed by IM Global’s genre division Octane.

Should everything go according to plan, the movie could find its way into theaters by this winter. It would seem the producers are attempting to get the sequel into cinemas and in from of audiences while the iron is still hot.

“[Producer] Rick [Alvarez] and I are excited about embarking on this journey again,” Marlon Wayans said in a statement. “IM Global has been a great, supportive partner and Open Road did a fantastic job marketing and releasing the movie.”

He added, “I’m looking forward to doing it again, mainly because of the fun we had the first time around. ‘Fun’ is the keyword when doing funny.”

Alvarez said the ultimate goal was to turn A Haunted House into a franchise by keeping the budget as low as possible. The creative team behind the project are hoping they can replicate the success of the first installment.

It’s currently unclear who will join Marlon Wayans for the sequel. Since producers are hoping to get the project in front of cameras by this summer, casting news should be trickling out any day now.

While you’re waiting for the follow-up to find its way into theaters, you can catch the like-minded horror-comedy Scary Movie 5 this weekend.

Were you a fan of A Haunted House? Are you looking forward to the sequel?