Chrissy Teigen Posts New Photo Of Her Son And Fans Think He Looks Just Like John Legend

Chrissy Teigen posted a photo to Instagram of her and husband John Legend’s 2-year-old son Miles Theodore Stephens. The image, shared June 3, is a closeup photo of Miles in full view of the camera. The toddler’s hair had small but tidy curls on the top of his head, while the sides of his haircut are shorter and straight. Miles’ big dark brown eyes looked up as though he was staring at the person who took the photo. While he had a very innocent look on his face, the youngster he wasn’t smiling. Miles had his left arm bent at the elbow, with his hand placed behind his head while the other arm fell to his side.

The 2-year-old wore a dark grey long-sleeved shirt that had the word “Legend” written in all capital white lettering across the front center of the shirt. He posed in what looks like the family’s living room. A light orange-glowing light surrounded Miles, putting slight highlights on the boy’s forehead.

Teigen shared the image to show off her son’s new haircut. The cut was likely done at her house in West Hollywood, California, where Teigen lives, given that businesses are still not completely open to the public due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Teigen captioned her share with an emoji of the red, white, and blue striped barber pole and gave both the haircut and photo credit to her brother-in-law, Ron Stephens II.

The image of Miles was a definite hit with Teigen’s fans who flocked to the image and peppered it with likes and comments. Within 16 hours, the picture share received over 820,000 likes and more than 4,500 comments. Many of the comments she received compared Miles to Teigen’s husband.

“He looks like John so damn much,” one person wrote in all caps.

“He is a carbon copy of his dad wow that’s amazing,” a second person shared.

“John Legend junior,” another fan said.

“It is always so amazing to me to look at a child and see the faces of both the parents who created that lil’ being,” a fourth fan wrote while adding three smiling emojis to the end of their comment.

As previously reported, Chrissy had been using her social media platforms to speak up against racism and asking questions about Donald Trump and his administration.

People reported Teigen previously gave Miles a haircut at home ahead of his second birthday, which he celebrated on May 16.

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