June 4, 2020
Lori Loughlin Would Reportedly 'Love To Return to TV' & Tell 'Her Side' Of The Story Following College Scandal

Lori Loughlin is reportedly eyeing a return to TV after serving her prison sentence for the college admissions scandal.

An insider told Us Weekly that Loughlin "would love to return to TV" after recently pleading guilty to fraud charges in the college admissions scam. The insider added that Loughlin is an "eternal optimist," who "eventually, [wants to] tell her side of the story."

The source did not elaborate on how she hopes to get her "side" of the story out. It would not be a surprise to see the actress open up in a future TV interview as the first step in an attempt to rehab her image down the line.

Loughlin, 55, is expected to serve two months in prison for allegedly paying bribes to get her daughters, Isabella Rose and Olivia Jade Giannulli, into the University of Southern California as fake recruits for the crew team. Her husband, designer Mossimo Giannulli, faces a five-month prison sentence.

Before the scandal, Loughlin previously starred on the Hallmark Channel's When Calls the Heart and was a fan favorite in made-for-TV movies on the network. She was fired from Hallmark and When Calls the Heart writers wrote her out of the show by saying her character, Abigail Stanton, had to take care of her sick mother.

That excuse seemed to be good enough for Netflix, too. Loughlin's character, Becky Katsopolis, was MIA in Netflix's recent Fuller House finale as it was explained that Aunt Becky was "helping out her mother in Nebraska."

Once the actress completes her prison sentence and additional supervised release and community service hours, it will likely be an uphill battle for her to return to television. An image consultant recently told Us Weekly that the length of time the actress "pretended" she was innocent could come back to haunt her. Loughlin may have to sit down for an interview to explain why she wasn't honest about her part in the college scandal admissions sooner. They said if she wants to get her "wholesome" image back, she may need to start a foundation or go on college speaking tours.

Loughlin and her husband have reportedly already been looking for an expert willing to rebuild their image. A crisis-management professional who claims to have been approached by the wealthy couple also told CNN that Loughlin is focusing on a return to work as an actress.

The source added that the couple referenced Martha Stewart's post-prison success as a possible model for their own narrative.

Loughlin's career as an actress spans more than 35 years and includes long-standing roles on wholesome series such as Full House, Summerland, and a slew of Garage Sale Mystery TV movies for Hallmark.