WWE News: Former World Champion To Make Long-Awaited Return On ‘Monday Night Raw’

WWE has confirmed that Christian will make an appearance on next week’s episode of Monday Night Raw. As noted by WrestleTalk, the former World Heavyweight Champion’s next televised appearance was confirmed on this week’s WWE Backstage, and he will host an episode of his old talk show segment “Peep Show” with Edge as the special guest.

Christian was notably absent from Edge’s feud with Randy Orton in the lead-up to WrestleMania 36. The angle saw Orton attack Edge’s wife, Beth Phoenix, and his friend Matt Hardy. However, some fans were shocked that “Captain Charisma” wasn’t involved in the storyline, as he’s Edge’s lifelong best friend and his most notable tag team partner. Christian also has his own history with Orton as an onscreen rival as they feuded in 2011 over the World Heavyweight Championship.

As the WrestleTalk report notes, the likely reason why Christian didn’t take part in the feud is that he can no longer compete. He isn’t even allowed to take any bumps due to his injury issues, which he’s stated that he’ll never recover from. Since attacking Edge’s friends and family was Orton’s main intention before, there probably wasn’t a role for Christian in the angle.

It’s unlikely that Christian will take any bumps in the upcoming segment, but his interview skills will be put to good use. In the past, Peep Show has been used to enhance feuds between other superstars, and his history with each superstar makes him a fitting choice to oversee the ongoing rivalry.

Orton and Edge will face each other at Backlash in what’s being promoted as the “Greatest Wrestling Match Ever.” In the storyline, “The Viper” believes that Edge is no longer capable of winning a regular wrestling match due to the amount of time he had to take off before he returned to in-ring action. Christian joins Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels on the list of legends who’ve been hyping up the match in recent weeks.

Peep Show will also mark the go-home segment for the feud as Backlash is scheduled to take place next Sunday. Christian might not be there to fight, but the segment is bound to feature some dramatic moments as WWE tries to encourage fans to tune into the upcoming pay-per-view.

Christian hasn’t hosted “Peep Show” since 2018, which was when he got involved with Seth Rollins’ storyline with Jason Jordan on Monday Night Raw. This also marked the last time he was involved in any WWE storylines, as his current role has him working as a co-panelist on Fox Sports 1’s WWE Backstage.

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