WWE Rumors: Calls for 'Monday Night Raw' Superstar, Who Reportedly Has Backstage Heat, To Be Fired

A recent Monday Night Raw match between WWE superstars Nia Jax and Kairi Sane saw the latter superstar getting injured following a botched spot. This was the second match in a row between the pair that resulted in Sane getting hurt, which has led to speculation that Jax is viewed as an unsafe worker. According to Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer Radio, there is some substance to this rumor.

As quoted by WrestlingNews.co, Alvarez claimed that Jax has backstage heat and there have even been calls for her to be fired. Alvarez received a text message from a WWE employee who opened up about the current situation behind the scenes, stating that Jax is a reckless competitor.

"1000 percent Nia's fault. She needs to be f**king fired. She is dangerous. Fire her before she cripples or kills somebody."
The latest incident saw Jax shove Sane into the steel steps, causing the Japanese superstar to hit her head. The referee reportedly had to stop the match so Sane could receive medical attention. Sane has been on the receiving end of concussion injuries in the past, too, and another serious head injury could spell the end of her in-ring career.

During their previous match, Jax botched a Buckle Bomb, which has resulted in the move being banned from WWE. This is the same maneuver that ended Sting's career during a match against Seth Rollins, so Jax isn't the first superstar to receive negative attention for using the move.

Alvarez didn't confirm who sent the text or what their current position is in the company. However, the report contradicts recent claims suggesting that there is no heat on Jax. Other reports have revealed that she wasn't responsible for the botch, and company officials don't plan on disciplining the superstar.

It's also worth noting that both reports could be true. Perhaps Vince McMahon and some company officials don't blame Jax for what happened to Sane, but other employees might be upset with the Monday Night Raw superstar.

Jax also has a history of accidentally injuring opponents, so the reported heat is likely based on a combination of incidents as opposed to the recent ones involving Sane. She famously busted open Becky Lynch during a Monday Night Raw segment in 2018. The incident created one of the most iconic images of Lynch's career thus far, but it also caused her to miss the subsequent Survivor Series pay-per-view.