Jay-Z Thanks Gov. Tim Walz For Assigning George Floyd Case To Minnesota AG, ‘This Is Just A First Step’

Musician Jay-Z shared a statement via his social media channels on Sunday praising Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz for one of his latest moves regarding the George Floyd case. Walz recently announced that he appointed Attorney General Keith Ellison to lead the prosecution in all Floyd-related cases. Jay-Z said that he believes this was the right call.

On Sunday, Jay-Z, real name Shawn Carter, shared a statement about Walz’s announcement via his Facebook page. The same statement was shared via the Roc Nation Twitter account as well.

Jay-Z has shared a number of posts across social media this past week regarding Floyd’s death. However, in his Sunday statement, he detailed that he took things a step further. He had a conversation directly with Walz about the Floyd situation and signaled that the talk went well.

The conversation was an earnest one, Jay-Z detailed. He said that what Walz did in appointing Ellison to take over the George Floyd cases was the right move.

“Earlier today, Governor Walz mentioned having a human conversation with me – a dad and a black man in pain. Yes, I am human, a father and a black man in pain and I am not the only one,” Jay-Z continued.

In his statement, the musician noted that not only was he hurting in the aftermath of Floyd’s death, but he said the entire country was in pain over this. He said that he and the pained country called on Ellison to do the right thing and prosecute everybody responsible for Floyd’s death. He also noted that prosecuting those involved to the fullest extent of the law was just an initial step.

“I am more determined to fight for justice than any fight my would-be oppressors may have. I prevail on every politician, prosecutor and officer in the country to have the courage to do what is right. Have the courage to look at us as humans, dads, brothers, sisters and mothers in pain and look at yourselves,” Jay-Z’s statement finished.

As those following the case know, fired Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin has been arrested in connection with Floyd’s death. Three other officers were quickly fired for their involvement in the incident, but no other charges have emerged yet.

Protests have broken out not only in Minneapolis but all over the country in the week since Floyd’s death. It’s clear that Jay-Z will be watching both Walz and Ellison’s moves closely as this case progresses in an attempt to hold Minnesota leaders accountable for what happened during this Memorial Day incident with Floyd.

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