Jessa Duggar Shares Sweet Story Of Spurgeon Singing Hymns To The Sheep

Jessa Duggar shared a story on Instagram on Sunday about taking a stroll with her three kids that resulted in a unique experience. The Counting On star posted a handful of pictures from the outing as well.

Their walk appeared to be out in the country where they visited a sheep farm along the way. Jessa and Ben Seewald’s oldest son, Spurgeon, must have known that they would run into the fluffy farm animals. He had an idea in mind and it included a hymn book. He asked his mom if he could bring it on the walk with them. At first, Jessa told him that they most likely wouldn’t be needing it, but he was seemingly persistent, so she gave in.

The Duggar daughter went on to say that once they arrived in front of the sheep area, Spurgeon spoke up and said that they would be singing to them. They all chimed in and gave the animals quite a concert. Jessa explained that they sang three songs and one more for good measure. The 4-year-old announced that he wanted a fourth song because he wanted the sheep to be thinking about the music when they went to sleep.

Duggar fans absolutely loved that the little guy seems so caring and sweet. The post garnered over 23,000 likes from her followers in just three hours. The comments came in quickly as well.

“Beyond adorable! What an angel!!” one fan replied.

“What a precious soul he has,” another follower said.

“Everything about this is precious. I love his spirit,” a third person wrote.

There were seven Instagram snaps posted along with the story. Henry, 2, who wore his well-loved bear shirt, rode his small bicycle while on the walk with his family. He also had a baseball cap on that covered up his blond curls.

Spurgeon, who was wearing a red striped shirt and jeans, is shown in the photos with the hymn book in his hand. There is even one of their little sister, Ivy Jane, with Jessa holding onto her. The mom-of-three had her long hair pulled back into a low bun and her 1-year-old daughter had her mouth wide open.

The last Instagram snap shows one of the sheep standing there staring at them, possibly at the same time as that it was being serenaded.

Jessa Duggar seems to find plenty of things for her kids to do outdoors. Earlier this month, the reality star took full advantage of the rainfall they had in Arkansas and let her boys jump and play in the mud puddles for fun. They got plenty dirty, but she didn’t mind at all, and it kept them busy for a few hours.

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