WWE Rumors: Former Superstar Says Nexus Was To Return At ‘WrestleMania 36’

The Nexus surround Vince McMahon.

It was one of the greatest storylines ever told in WWE, and if Nexus had returned at WrestleMania 36, fans would have loved it. This year’s big event didn’t go off as planned due to the coronavirus pandemic, but of all the changes made, the loss of this angle was the biggest. While it may never be confirmed by anyone within WWE, Darren Young says Nexus was to return to action last month.

Young was a longtime member of the WWE roster before his release in early 2017, and he had his share of time in the spotlight. Even though he is a former WWE Tag Team Champion, one of his greatest moments was being a part of the dominant stable known as Nexus.

The stable didn’t last very long, but the impact of their actions still lives on today. On a recent episode of The VP Show— as seen on YouTube — Young said that WWE wanted Nexus to reunite and show up during WrestleMania 36 weekend.

After discussing how Nexus came together in the first place, Young detailed the plans which failed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“If this pandemic didn’t happen, I think we would have had a reunion because it was 10 years. It was 10 years. If this pandemic didn’t happen, we would have probably reunited, and…we’re not young boys anymore. We’re veterans. We’re older. We’re wiser. We’re more seasoned.”

Young went on to say that Nexus was supposed to come back for WrestleMania 36 in Tampa, Florida. Of course, that was before everything changed and the event was moved to Orlando.

The Nexus deliver another vicious attack.

The two hosts of the show recalled asking PJ Black (Justin Gabriel in WWE) earlier in the week if he’d be open to a Nexus reunion. Black said that a reunion was in the works and that something almost happened a couple of months ago.

Young said that WWE had not put everything in place due to the pandemic, so all of the details weren’t known. He said it was going to happen at the WrestleMania Axxess fan event for a 10-year reunion, but not on the main show.

The Inquisitr previously reported that a major angle had to be scrapped due to COVID-19. Rumors suggested that it would have been on the same level as the Nexus invasion or even Vince McMahon’s limo blowing up on Monday Night Raw.

Darren Young isn’t sure if the Nexus reunion will ever happen in WWE now, simply because it makes sense at a milestone like the 10-year mark, but not really at 11 or 12.