Brands Cut Ties With YouTuber Myka Stauffer Who Gave Up Her Adopted Special Needs Son

YouTuber Myka Stauffer shocked viewers on May 26, 2020, by sharing a video during which she and her husband James Stauffer explained that they had made the decision to give up their adopted son Huxley. They received intense backlash for their decision and as a result, multiple brands they worked with have severed business connections with them, according to Today.

Huxley, who is 4-years-old, was adopted from China in 2017 and has special needs, including autism. Stauffer's YouTube channel has over 700,000 subscribers and many of her videos are about family life and the adoption process. It was actually because of Stauffer's open and honest videos regarding the struggles of the adoption process that she saw an influx of subscribers. However, those subscribers are now rapidly dropping due to her decision to give up Huxley.

Danimals, a yogurt and smoothie brand for kids, has done paid endorsement deals with Stauffer in the past. They released a statement assuring the public that they will no longer be doing any sort of business with her.

"We have previously worked with Myka Stauffer and are no longer working with her. We are aware of the news she shared about her family, and are very sad to hear about this difficult situation," the company stated.

Playtex Baby came under criticism as they have also been one of the brands that paid Stauffer for promotions in the past. This is no longer the case.

"Our last post with her was back in February. We are not partnering with her moving forward," the company said.

Chili's is yet another company to sever ties this past week with Stauffer.

"We had a one-time partnership with Myka in the summer of 2019. We currently do not have any sponsorships with Myka and will not work with her in the future," they announced.

Other brands that have made the decision to cut ties with the family include Suave and Big Lots. There could potentially be more to come.

Stauffer has four biological children including Nakova, Jaka, Radley and Onyx. In the controversial video regarding their decision to re-home Huxley, Stauffer explained that their adopted son had additional special needs that they had not been aware of when they adopted him. She assured her viewers that she still loved Huxley and felt that she was doing what was right for him.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Stauffer has claimed that Huxley wanted to be re-homed and that it was his decision. She explained that in his new home he will be given the help they were not able to give him.