Jinger Duggar Shares How Helpless She Felt After Suffering Miscarriage, ‘Sadness Cloaked My Soul’

Jinger shared her feelings following her miscarriage last fall on Instagram.

Jinger Duggar
Jeremy Vuolo / Facebook

Jinger shared her feelings following her miscarriage last fall on Instagram.

It was a joyous time this week when Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo announced that they are expecting their second child this November. As happy as the Counting On stars are right now, they both experienced a time of sadness last year when Jinger suffered an unexpected miscarriage. Now, she is delving further into the deep, emotional moments following the loss of their baby.

In a lengthy Instagram post that she shared on Friday, Jinger explained a little of what happened when she realized that she had lost the baby and what was going on in her heart right after that. Despite being joyful and excited about this new little one that she is currently carrying, the expectant mom said that she is also reminded of the loss that she and Jeremy experienced last fall. She described that moment of realizing that her baby was gone as “sadness that cloaked my soul.”

Jinger mentioned her grandma, Mary Duggar, who passed away months before she became pregnant last year. That was a huge and tragic loss for the entire family, and especially hard on Jinger, who had moved away from her family in Arkansas to live in L.A. with Jeremy and their almost 2-year-old daughter Felicity. She wasn’t able to spend as much time with Grandma Duggar as the rest of the clan and she was still grieving that loss. She described how exciting it was to learn that she was expecting again.

“The news of new life was like spring lilies blossoming after a dark, cold winter,” the mom of one said.

Unfortunately, things changed drastically. She and Jeremy told her family the good news one night last fall, but the next morning, her baby was gone. She described it as feeling helpless in that there was nothing that she could do to change what happened to her little one.

Being a devout Christian, Jinger Duggar reminded her 1.3 million Instagram followers that despite feeling helpless, she was never without hope in God through her pain and sadness.

The 26-year-old TLC star is 15 weeks along in this pregnancy and everything appears to be going good so far. The baby news came on Thursday as Jinger and Jeremy revealed that they are expecting another girl in November. The photos included little Felicity with a black t-shirt that says “big sister” on it. Jinger Duggar previously mentioned that she can’t wait for Felicity to have a sister, and a best friend, to grow up with like she had.

The Vuolo family’s big move to L.A., and their lives since then, will be chronicled in the new upcoming season of TLC’s Counting On that will premiere on June 30.