Chicago Mayor Hurls Coded Profanity At Donald Trump Over George Floyd Tweets

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot lashed out at President Donald Trump following his tweeted comments about the George Floyd protests, delivering a message that she said “starts with ‘f’ and ends with ‘you.'”

The mayor’s retort came on Friday after days of protests devolved into rioting in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The president promised to put an end to the damage.

“Looting leads to shooting,” Trump said in his Friday tweet, referencing a man who was shot as a result of the Minneapolis riot on Wednesday.

Trump would go on to call the looters “thugs” who were “dishonoring the memory of George Floyd.”

Lightfoot took exception to Trump’s comments, saying that “as a black woman who has been the target of blatant racism” she takes what happened to Floyd personally.

“I felt angry, I feel sickened and a range of other emotions all at once. Being black in America shouldn’t be a death sentence.”

Lightfoot went on to say that she believed Trump’s comments were “profoundly dangerous,” and that she thinks citizens and leaders alike should stand up to the president.

“His goal is to polarize and destabilize local government and to inflame racists’ urges. And we can absolutely not let him prevail.”

Lightfoot’s comments followed Trump’s tweets being fact-checked by Twitter, the social media platform suggesting that the president’s tweets could incite violence. The president made his remarks regarding rioting involving looters taking advantage of the chaos caused by protests.

Police are attempting to deal with large demonstrations in memory of Floyd, a 46-year-old African American man who died while unarmed and in police custody.

A video of Floyd’s arrest showed an officer putting his knee on Floyd’s neck, pressing it down as the cuffed detainee gasped for air and told officers that he couldn’t breathe. Floyd would eventually go completely limp in the footage. He was pronounced dead over an hour later. Since that time, violent riots and other civil disturbances have taken place in cities across the United States.

The Inquisitr previously reported that while there were four officers involved in the arrest, the one who is believed to have caused Floyd’s death, Derek Chauvin, was taken into custody on Friday.

The officer’s arrest came after days of outrage across the nation, and it is now believed that Chauvin may stand trial for his interactions with Floyd.

There is no word as yet as to whether the other three officers on the scene will face charges.

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