Jon Jones Asks For UFC To Release Him From Contract

Jon Jones has asked to be released from the UFC after negotiations for a “superfight” between Francis Ngannou hit a snag.

On May 29, UFC president Dana White told ESPN reporter Brett Okamoto that a fight between Jones and Ngannou was not going to happen. According to White, the amount of money Jones was asking for in order to sign off on a superfight between Ngannou was “absurd.” The UFC boss went as far as saying that “Bones” was asking for too much, especially now that the coronavirus pandemic is still ongoing.

In response to White’s statement, Jones took to his Twitter account to share his side of the story, accusing White of misleading the fans about why negotiations for his next fight broke down.

The 32-year-old, who currently holds the UFC’s Light Heavyweight Championship, criticized the way the promotion was handling the whole situation. In a series of tweets, Jones addressed the conversation White had with Okamoto, accusing him of lying about the figures.

Jones said that he was going to continue to “defend” himself as long as White continues to speak on this. He encouraged White to allow his lawyer to release text messages of the conversations between the two.

In a second tweet, Jones called White a “liar” again before alluding to this whole conversation taking a hit on his reputation. He went on to speak about how much money he was asking for in the negotiations, in relation to popular boxer Deontay Wilder. According to Jones’ tweet, he was looking to “settle” for approximately $15 million for a potential bout with Ngannou.

In a third post, Jones accused White of seeking a lower fight fee due to his reputation, telling him next to release him from his UFC contract altogether.

In a fourth post, Jones then reiterated that he didn’t ask for $15 or $30 million, also acknowledging that he does make more than $5 million a fight. However, since the fight proposed against Ngannou is being called a “superfight,” Jones said he believes he should receive more money than usual.

On Twitter, fans and critics had strong reactions to his statements.

“Still the best fighter in the sport right now and forever will be the GOAT,” one fan wrote.

“Facts, I dont see why you shouldn’t be making wilder money, you’re a bigger star than Wilder, and it there is anyone that deserves it should be the goat as dana says you are,” a second fan tweeted.

“Idk how you can compare yourself to deontay wilder,” a third person tweeted.

According to, White and Jones had a back-and-forth on Twitter regarding the same issue on May 28.

As previously reported, Jones has been arrested several times in the past, most recently in March of this year.

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